Stokely was born to Othello and Carole Molineaux in the republic of Trinidad and Tobago on October eighth 1964. The son of one of Trinidad's top arrangers and composers, Stokely has become a sought after performer in L.A.'s reggae music scene.

   After leaving Dick Groves School of Music in 1986, he has been working throughout Southern California's reggae circuit with an array of local and international artists. Stokely is known for his unique bass and vocal styles as well as his  entertaining stage antics which aided Jawge & The Unknown to be one of the most innovative reggae bands in SoCal.

   Stokely first made his mark playing for U.K.B. After seven years in he had been noticed and requested by notable acts such as Eek A Mouse, Pato Banton, The Wailing Souls, Joe Higgs, Calypso Rose, Born Jamericans, and the list goes on. Working with some of the best musicians in the industry has sent him on a journey across several countries and continents.


The Black Cowboy Album

Released on September 20th 2005, The Black Cowboy album was an automatic hit with reggae fans. When legendary artist Eek-A-Mouse started in on this instant classic, he turned to Stokely for guidance. Mouse's unique vocals can be heard over Stokely's innovative and rhythmic bass lines making this album a stalwart example of Mr. Molineaux's production expertise.



Through the years they have mesmerized audiences throughout the world and brought many to kneel at their alter of ultimate enjoyment. Along with Bassist and Vocalist Stokely Molineaux,
bandleader and Lead Singer/Guitarist "Haile Blackman" is originally from The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago and the Son of the Legendary Creator of Soca Music, the late Ras Shorty I. Steel Drum Extraordinaire “Derek Brewstafari” is also a Trinidad and Tobago native and will tug at your heartstrings with his melodic Steel Drum tones. Although Stokely is no longer  with Upstream being part of its foundation  was an integral step in his career.




   His love of music and need for self expression has lead him to form his own band, WaWaWiWa. This bands unique eclectic sound has generated an input into the reggae hemisphere as a peripherally energetic and positive in their universal addition and divine intention. Striving for the return of the origin of the first drum and of the motherland Consisting of eight of the most talented musicians harmoniously coming together to electrify audiences throughout the lands. They are reggae at its best with their extraordinary fusion of styles.